Grüße aus Indien

Uns haben Grüße von Monsignore Edwin Pinto und Schwester Prescilla D’Mello erreicht, die wir gern weitergeben:

Dear Mr. Franz Josef Heurs, and Friends of Mount Rosary, Benefactors of our children, and all donors,

Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus. This feast evokes in us a sense of gratitude to God for His immense love for humankind. At the birth of Jesus, the angels sang: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to all people of goodwill.

The central message of Christmas is peace and harmony. Peace means caring and sharing of inner happiness, inner tranquillity and contentment with others. When we recognize Jesus in others and serve them, there is peace. The Joy of Christmas is complete only when we recognize Jesus in the poor and the suffering brethren of ours.

Mount Rosary has been encountering the same Christ in the suffering humanity. By extending loving care with compassion to the sick and suffering, aged and destitute, handicapped and lonely, it is living its motto, Care with Compassion. I thank you especially for being a partner with us all these years and specially in the year 2020 through your contributions, prayers and accompaniment and wish you Merry Christmas.

Now comes another year 2021, which is a God’s gift for us because He loves us and He trusts each one of us. We wish you a year of Hope and Blessings, a year of health and goodness and a Happy New Year.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

Msgr. Edwin Pinto, Sr. Prescilla D’Mello and whole of Mount Rosary

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